"I have gone to many hairdressers in the past and I honestly never left fully satisfied, but today I genuinely started crying tears of joy because I’ve finally found a hairdresser I trust and will stick to.
Sarah is so lovely and easy to talk to, I was super nervous going in not knowing what to expect as my past experiences with hairdressers have been super hit or miss.
Sarah instantly calmed my nerves by making sure she understood exactly what I wanted, showing her genuine passion and care for her clients. She is clearly extremely educated on hair and knows what she’s doing.
Another thing I really appreciated is she didn’t go overboard when I asked for a trim, she did everything I asked for, nothing more and nothing less. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with her, I highly recommend!!!"


"I love Carte Blanche Hair so much."


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"Going here is honestly such a wonderful and relaxing experience and Sarah is the most amazing hairdresser I have ever had the pleasure of going to! From start to finish it is always a lovely atmosphere and I never feel stressed out like I used to in other salons. Sarah is super knowledgable and talks you through every step of the way. It is so rare to go to hairdressers who are completely genuine and honest, so I really value how they are always up front with me about what will look good and also what my hair will need to be maintained. I'm so grateful to have found Carte Blanche hair and love no longer having to worry whether my hair will turn out ok while sitting in the chair, as it is absolutely flawless and perfect every single time! This place is awesome, I always feel so comfortable and the vibe of the salon is amazing!! Can't recommend this wonderful hairdresser enough."


"I visited this salon after being let down by multiple ones in the past, and the care and time they put into my hair was unmatched. The girls at the salon listen to what you want, and offer great professional advice if they think you need anything more to make your hair the best it can be. I’m so grateful I’ve finally found a hairdresser I can trust and go back to regularly. They also recommended great products that were perfect for my hair, and always have the best stock available. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!"


"Sarah has been my hairdresser for a number of years and every time I leave my appt I’m obsessed with what she’s done. Half the time I don’t even know what I want and tell her to do what she thinks is best and wow I’m never disappointed. Sarah and Taya make the perfect duo, they are both so bubbly and always greet every customer with open arms. I’m always recommending Carte Blanche to all my friends and family. Safe to say I don’t think I’ll ever be going anywhere else. Thank you Sarah and Taya for always making me feel pretty ❤️❤️❤️"





"I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: If you’re not getting your hair done here, you’re missing out!
I was scared to ever get my hair done after experiences in the past but this is the most amazing service and quality you could ever get. Amazing service and worth every penny! I will never get my hair done anywhere else ever again as long as I’m in Australia. I would give it 100 stars if i could!"


"My hair looks and feels amazing!!! The best hairstylist I’ve been to in so long, cut, coloured and styled exactly as I requested. Wonderful conversation, great knowledge and soo well priced! Left feeling so confident with my new hairstyle. Will definitely go back again!"


"Had a wonderful time at Carte Blanche Hair. Sarah was fantastic and was so warm and welcoming. She is without a doubt a blonde specialist, she did a balayage on my hair and did an amazing job, i left with the perfect colour. Can’t wait to go back!"


"Sarah is absolutely amazing! She always takes the time to understand exactly what you’re after and make you feel 100% comfortable in her chair. Hands-down the best “lived-in” blonde I’ve ever had - bad regrowth is now a thing of the past!"


"I’ve wanted to get my hair balayage for many years but I never knew it was possible with how dark my hair is. CarteBlanche exceeded my expectations, I can’t believe how amazing my hair looks!! From the moment I stepped into the salon she made me feel so comfortable and she really cared about the quality of my hair. Through out the whole process I was educated and reassured. The salon itself is absolutely stunning with sophisticated touches. I could not recommend this salon enough! I feel so confident in myself and it was all because of the hard work put into my hair. My friends were very impressed as they didn’t think it was possible either. This salon is honestly a game changer!"


"I have been looking for a great hairdresser since my arrival in Sydney and I can honestly say I have finally found her."


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"I nervously went for my first appointment yesterday , my gray roots were taking over my otherwise blonde hair and I had been cutting it myself for a long time. The girls were all very friendly and welcoming and in no time Sarah was chatting to me and finding out what it was I was looking for. She sounded very knowledgeable and, after explaining what it was I wanted, I put myself totally into her hands. A great decision as it turns out as I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with the results. The colour is beautiful and my cut is really one of the best I have ever had. Sarah is a warm and friendly lady and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a new Hairdresser."



"I had a really good experience with Carte Blanche, they got me in on short notice after I waitlisted myself (even though they were really busy) I desperately needed my roots done for Easter, the colour was perfect, very thorough (didn't rush me), nicely styled blow off (most other salons leave you dripping). Gorgeously polite and calm... colour was done by Georgie, and assist did an excellent wash and blow off - thank you for getting me out of the "greys" for Easter! Would recommend!"


"I was recommended Carte Blanche by a long time worshipper of Sarah to help me in my journey from (tragic) box dye black to my natural auburn colour. My main concerns were rectifying my damaged tresses and toning & blending out my colour. Well, thanks to Sarah's incredible talent, my concerns are no more as I left the beautiful salon with the hair of dreams!
Could not recommend Carte Blanche more highly.

Five stars across the board."


"I saw Sarah to get my hair done. I have (basically) black, asian hair and went for deep purple red balayage. Let me tell you, she did an amazing job! The colour and cut was perfect! Not only did I walk out with everything that I envisioned, but I had an amazing experience with her too. Sarah is extremely professional but friendly, knowledgeable and talented at her craft!
It was nerve racking going for such a bold change but she nailed it!"



"Sarah is a very talented professional! From the time she takes to understand exactly what you want as a client, to making sure that you are 100% happy with the results! I couldn't recommend a better salon than Carte Blanche!!"


"Carte Blanche Hair is the best hair dresser I have ever had!!"


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"I'm quite particular about my hair as I have a full fringe and layers around the sides of my face. I have gone to nice hair dressers in the past and no one can cut a fringe as good as Sarah. I dye my hair balayage blonde. Sarah puts so my effort, time and care into getting what I want. We have a nice chat first where I show her pictures and then she does the magic (and it really is magic). She's honest which I really appreciate. We talk about what is realistic maintenance for me (thus why I like being balyage), tips for hair health, good and bad products, as well as nice general life chats. I have moved an hour away from where Sarah runs her salon and I would never change hair dressers (Been seeing Sarah for almost 2 years). I always get so many compliments on my hair."


"Sarah at Carte Blanche Hair is amazing! I have black hair and she has done stunning dark chocolate balayage. I have seen her several times since to maintain my balayage and I always leave feeling so happy with my hair! Sarah is extremely professional and always has the best interests for you and your hair. From colouring to cuts and styling, she provides a fabulous experience. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!"


"I was recommended to Carte Blanche by a friend to get my hair coloured and Sarah came highly recommended as a blonde specialist! I am very particular and skeptical about colouring my hair being a natural red head, and Sarah ticked all my boxes. Sarah listened intently to what I wanted and gave great recommendations to achieve the best result possible. I could not be happier with my hair and I cannot wait to come back!! 100/10"


"I have been getting my hair done by Sarah for a while now, and everytime she does an amazing job! Her skills and experience in balayage are exceptional, my hair is always blended beautifully and I always receive compliments on how fresh and healthy it looks. Sarah always ensuresx I walk away happy and with exactly what I ask for. I highly recommend anyone to see Sarah if they are looking for a very professional, and high quality hairdresser!"


"Sarah is an amazing hairdresser! She makes you feel extremely comfortable and she is very educated about all things hair. I’ve been with her for nearly 2 years now and I couldn’t recommend her more!"


"I wasn't sure what to expect from a new service or new hairdresser, but from the moment I met Sarah I was amazed by her expertise, her passion, her understanding and her openness."

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"I came across Sarah over a year ago now, when booking in with a new salon for a full head of foils and cut after 6-9 months of not seeing a hairdresser. I wasn't sure what to expect from a new service or new hairdresser, but from the moment I met Sarah I was amazed by her expertise, her passion, her understanding and her openness. I instantly felt comfortable with her and trusted her with my hair (which is scary for me because I love my hair and get so much anxiety when seeing someone new)."Sarah listened to requests on every visit of what I would like to achieve, she provided advice and guidance on what would be achievable and quotes prior to beginning the services.
The first few times I saw Sarah I wanted to go blonder/whiter which was achieved safely because of her expertise and knowledge of products and my hair type. During the recent Lock down I was able to communicate with Sarah online about colour changes I would like to achieve post lockdown and the requirements and commitments those changes would need. I was able to seek advice on suitable products for my hair that had changed due to life circumstances and order through her with fast delivery and great results because of her guidance in product use.
On my most recent visit with her we were able to make the changes I'd been planning for months in lock down. We went from grown out Blonde balayage/foils to a vibrant Rose Gold! Although Sarah specialises in Blonde she is definitely equipped to make any changes you desire. She had planned my service based on our previous conversations and talked me through the plan seeking my approval before starting. Needless to say I was extremely happy with my results and can't wait for my next appointment. Even as the rose gold fades, I still receive compliments on a daily basis about my hair and all I can do is think about how great my hairdresser is. Sarah is such a professional and friendly hairdresser who will instantly make you feel at home with her Service. You can see her passion in all of her work and the way she approaches each of her clients. I'm so grateful I have found Sarah and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a new hairdresser. She is worth every dollar, and the great thing is there are no surprises as she will quote your service before beginning her work which I appreciate having been caught out before by other hairdressers.
Thank you so much for being such an amazing hairdresser Sarah!"


“Super friendly, efficient, value for money, low cost in comparison to most places... And the environment is super calm and relaxing. It feels like you're in a real salon still, but with some home touch comforts like tea and snacks. She always matches my colour really well!! The baby highlights she does are really unique and sustainable, very different to when I've had my hair lightened before! Would recommend 100%.”


"Have always been quite fussy when finding my perfect hairdresser and came across Sarah a few years ago. One time I couldn't have her so reservedly had someone else that day, never again! Only one hairdresser will do and that's definitely Sarah. Truly excited to see that she opened her own beautiful salon, with beautiful calming / relaxing decor. An amazingly talented young lady!"


"After researching so many different salons to find one that is affordable and 100% know exactly what they're doing was tricky, but going to Sarah was by far the best decision I've ever made. It's been a few days and I am still SO amazed - Sarah literally knows what you want before you even do, which no other hairdresser I know can do. Definitely never changing hairdressers again, highly recommend!!!"


"I have tried many hairdressers around sydney but was yet to find a hairdresser that I loved. After being recommended Sarah from a friend it’s safe to say I’ve finally found the best hairdresser in sydney. No exaggeration. I have black/dark brown hair and usually get an ashy tone done. Sarah recommended I go for more of a bright look instead and I am so glad I did! The colour has brought more warmth to my appearance. She genuinely cares about your hair health and is very reasonably priced. Couldn’t recommend her more!"


"WOW! After years of searching I finally found my hair guru!"

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I’ve been trying to find a “master colourist and stylist” without having to fly back to London for ages. Just yesterday, I was walking back to my car and by accident or actually luck I saw, what has to be one of the most beautiful hair salons I have ever seen (and I have seen a few), I went in to buy product. Whilst buying my conditioner Sarah explained her passion is colouring so I decided to follow that small inner voice that said this is the salon, this is the person. I booked an appointment.

The salon is Carte Blance at Seaforth, the miracle worker is Sarah. What is an absolute bonus, she is literally 3 minutes from where I live. For ages my hair colour had been unremarkable, what I wanted was for someone to bring out the real me again.

I arrived for the appointment early and was able to observe Sarah finishing the hair of the client before me. I was astounded at how absolutely gorgeous the finished product was, natural elegance is how I would describe the lady’s hair. I thought if my hair looks half as good as that I will be ecstatic. So with a feeling of quiet confidence I explained to Sarah what I thought would suit me and, metaphorically shut my eyes and said you take charge. Sarah listened, took charge and in a highly efficient way, foiled and painted my hair in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

Sarah’s attitude is clearly that everyone who leaves her salon represents her brand, so her attention to detail is simply beyond belief and her expertise exceptional.. Needless to say I am beyond ecstatic, the colour and style is simply superb, individual and unique, and probably the best I have ever had in my life.

Have I found my perfect hairdresser - You bet. Do I recommend this salon without reservation.


“You will not regret making an appointment with this brilliant entrepreneurial lass to tend your precious tresses. She is a highly regarded professional within the industry who has chosen to trim down overheads and focus instead on providing quality within the comfort of a homey salon. I cannot recommend Carte Blanche enough.”


“A fabulous space to relax and transform your hair. The set up is so aesthetically pleasing, which adds to the whole experience. Something about watching the sunset over the beach while getting a much needed colour treatment... 10/10. A great service and space where I can trust that I will leave a happy customer...with healthy bouncy hair.”


“I absolutely love every visit I make to Carte Blanche! My hair always looks incredible when I leave and I feel so looked after for every minute I'm there. I often find large salons overwhelming so going to Carte Blanche and being able to experience the same, if not better level of luxury and aesthetic detail is amazing for me! I truly won't go anywhere else to get my hair done!”




"I love seeing Sarah and getting my hair coloured with her. Always a fun time and love her playlists. She always leaves my hair feeling great and looking amazing! I’ve always had a hard time finding the right hairdresser due to my 3B curly hair and Sarah just knows how to make it look great. The aesthetic of her space is also super cute."


"My entire experience was perfect, she’s not only so lovely but extremely professional and goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met."

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"Sarah is amazing!
My entire experience was perfect, she’s not only so lovely but extremely professional and goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met.
I asked her to go as blonde as possible (ensuring it stays healthy!) and I was blown away by the results. My hair has never felt or looked better. Sarah advised that my hair needed a bit of extra care and suggested using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and K18 for an at home treatment.
It’s made an incredible difference and I will never go back to using anything else!
If you are looking for someone who will take your wants and needs into consideration and have your mind blown with the results - I couldn’t recommend Sarah / the salon high enough.
I’m already counting down the days until my next appointment with excitement!"


"Sarah has been doing my hair for a couple of years now and she truely does the most amazing job every time! Her salon is so nice to sit in and the vibes are just so good! Every time I get my hair done I’m obsessed with it and it always maintains so well which is something I’ve found difficult with other hairdressers. Overall best hairdresser ever!"


"Carte Blanche is a lovely salon, calm, spacious & a great location. Sarah managed my transition to grey hair and I couldn’t be happier. She spent time listening, looking at photos & discussing options & I felt very confident to make this change under her guidance. I have so many compliments on my hair now! Thank you Carte Blanche."


"Love coming here! Whether I want to go plain, or crazy or try something new Carte Blanche always have me sorted and feeling amazing when I leave. The service is incredible, they always listen and make sure we’re both on the same page. The salon is stylish and clean. I was never really excited about getting my hair done until I found Carte Blanche. I love my new look, I'm so so happy with the colour and cut. Can’t wait to see you all again for my next appointment!"


"Sarah has been doing my hair for a few years now. She is very talented and does a fabulous job every time. I am so happy that she has opened her saloon Carte Blanche, the space is very stylish and relaxing with an incredible service. Highly recommend!!"


"The most amazing hair stylist, colourist and cutter I have found in a long time. Don't worry about who you get at Carte Blanche, you will be so very happy with your hair. I have had compliment after compliment on my hair since going here. Thank you Carte Blanche."


"Sarah is amazing at her work! She was so lovely and professional. I’ve tried sooo many different hair dressers and she was by far the best 10/10 experience all round & definitely recommend her. Can’t wait to have her colour my hair again ❤️"


"I have been with Sarah for a few years and am super happy she has opened her own salon to be able to flaunt her talent! And it is such a beautiful salon! I am always happy leaving after having my hair done with Sarah, never an issue driving over an hour to come and see her. I love the fact I can genuinely relax and enjoy the experience. Sarah has such a calming and knowledgeable presence! I highly highly recommend booking in to see her."


“She’s sweet, she’s down to earth, she’s the definition of “good things come in small packages!” I always look forward to seeing her as there’s no better time than getting your hair done beautifully and having a great honest chat. She’s your perfect girl next door. Thank you for always taking care of me!”


"I had my first visit at Carte Blanche after searching for a good hairdresser, Sarah was so lovely and welcoming. I would definitely recommend her, she is very skilled at what she does and has done the best blonde I have ever had. You leave greatly satisfied with the finished result, as I was!"


"Sarah is an absolutely amazing hair colourist and stylist. I’ve been seeing her for two years and always feel happy after my appointment. She is also very efficient, quick and organised. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"


"I am always happy with the results going to see Carte Blanche Hair. I usually go for a blonde head of highlights and cut. It's also a friendly and lovely time in the chair. Great experiences!"


"Carte blanche is the best hair I’ve ever had!! Sarah is amazing. She turned my lockdown mess into an amazing red colour with a great haircut!! She always delivers and I always walk away feeling great! Highly recommended."


"This was my first time appointment with Sarah and will definitely be the first of many! The colour and cut is everything I wanted and more. She takes so much care to keep your hair healthy along the way and really does just want the best for you. I could not recommend Sarah enough. She is so friendly and really listens to you when you tell her what you want. Ticks every single box for sure!"


"Amazing in-salon experience and such a stunning space. I’ve been twice and my 16 year old daughter goes now too. We are both blonde and are thrilled with our results. Highly recommend!"

"Sarah has so much talent and really listens to what you want. She is professional yet down to earth and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants amazing hair 😊"


"Amazing team with an attention to detail that is second to none , I am beyond pleased with my hair colour and would highly recommend."


"Sarah is super amazing with hair and takes pride in what she does! She’s always on time and easy to chat to. I wouldn’t go anywhere else :)"


"Absolutely cannot recommend this salon enough, every time I go I get consistent, quality service. Thank you, Sarah!"


“Finally a salon space that doesn't feel so overwhelming! I am so over feeling so rushed for the $ I'm spending. Carte Blanche was a different experience all together. Not only does one-on-one time mean that my hair is getting the attention and love it needs, it also makes the whole experience much more relaxing - as it should be! She's extremely talented and has completely transformed my hair. Such a genius colourist and honestly, the only hairdresser I trust! Been a couple of weeks now since my last appointment and I still keep getting compliments. Can't wait to be back!”


"I received a beautiful creamy blonde with a full head of foils, absolutely loved my results!"


"Sarah is an expert stylist. She took the time and her advice was appreciated. I highly recommend"


"Great post lockdown hair colour. Fantastic service. I love my colour. Thank you!"